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  • Testimonials

    "My orgo book literally sold less than 24 hours after I posted it. ShelfRelief is great, keep up the good work."
    - Soroush Jamali Pour, Duke 2013

    "Dude this is awesome! It is students reselling their books to fellow students! Uh why has this not been invented sooner? You don't need to keep selling your books for a fraction of the price to our bookstores... It makes sense man!"
    - Jaime Corrine Bruder University of West Georgia 2012

    "I love this website. The bookstore had offered me $7 for my Math textbook and I was able to sell it here for $50."
    - Gaurav Sen, Duke 2012

    "I received my Math textbook within 4 hours of purchase. What a brilliant service!"
    - Hunter Douglas, Duke 2013

    “After using ShelfRelief I realized how badly I was getting ripped off by the bookstore! I only had to put an extra $57 this semester for my books! ShelfRelief is a blessing.”
    - Daniel Cooper, Virginia Tech 2012

    “With the money I made selling my books I paid for my spring break in Myrtle Beach. I couldn’t have done it without [ShelfRelief]. I owe you one”
    - Allison Mapes, University of South Carolina 2014

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