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About Us

  • Our vision

    At ShelfRelief we believe in an affordable education for everyone—students shouldn't pay $500 every semester for their textbooks. Because we hated to be taken advantage of by the bookstore, we decided to create a platform that lets students buy and sell books with other students on campus.

  • Our story

    "Our books are woth nothing!" At least that is what we felt when the bookstore offered us $87 for books that we had paid over $1,000 for our freshman year. We went back to our rooms thinking of selling our books on Amazon or Craigslist, but none of them seemed convenient. We didn't want to take our books home to ship them across the country or worry about getting spam for leaving our contact info in Craigslist. At the same time we wanted to get a reasonable amount of money for our books.

    We tried to get back to campus after the summer and sell our books to other students but most people had bought their books online the first day of class and those that hadn't, had no cash to pay us. We just wished we could offer our books to other students on campus at the end of the year and have them buy those books online. After they pay, we would get their contact information and we could deliver the book personally. This system would avoid the time and cost of shipping costs and bookstore staff saving us time, money and effort.

    Enter ShelfRelief.
    We connect students from a specific university to one another so they can buy and sell books with their peers. The transaction is processed online through a safe and simple PayPal system. Our services are faster and simpler than Amazon because delivery is fast and free, and our transaction fees are lower.

    Have you ever heard of a $20 economics textbook? Buy it for $80, sell it for $60—and voila!
    All of our proceeds will be donated to S.O.S. Children’s Village in Mallasa, Bolivia during our first year of operations. For more information about this organization please visit their website, or read about their current projects in Mallasa.

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